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Wood is one of the most unique mediums in craft, in that it moves and acclimates to its surroundings. This continues indefinitely, long after it has been cut down, dried, and processed as lumber. As furniture makers, we have an understanding and respect for wood, so when this material reaches our hands, we continue to take care in process and design, allowing lumber to move and adapt to its environment as we work. This respect and attention to detail results in a piece of custom furniture that lasts lifetimes.



Sawdust Woman was intentionally named to be a title that could be assumed by or inspire others, to embrace their identity as a craftsperson, in whatever way they choose. Our company was founded to create quality, hand-crafted furniture, and the belief that the unique journey of the craftsperson tells as much a story as the material and final product. With a focus on a time-trusted process, and a selection of responsibly sourced material, I hope to create pieces that continue to tell a story in your homes and living spaces.


With the world quickly changing, there is a constant need to adapt and grow, and navigating this craft is no different. Woodworking has become both my career and a vehicle for a much larger body of work. Educating others in this craft, working towards diversity and equity, and creating safe spaces for making woodworking accessible and attainable to everyone is as important to me as creating furniture. My goal is to provide an accessible way to learn woodworking, create learning environments that are safe and welcoming, and share these unique stories, in both my work and others, as I pave my way in this craft.

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